27/12/2017 Martina Myrsell


Vi inleder det nya året med TORNET på scen!

From ancient times; a weeping sound like underworldly vibrations writhing through forgotten rites and revelations; through Haight Ashbury’s sixties and the black Sabbaths of the seventies. TORNET, the Tower, the 16th card in the Tarot deck, stands for transformation and liberation. The old ways are destroyed to give way for something new.

The music is inspired by bands like Coven, Dissection, November, Hansson & Karlsson, Jefferson Airplane and many others. The lyrics, both Swedish and English, portrays life and death.

TORNET has been touring for the past two years, and has played at festivals such as Muskelrock and Krökbacken. They’ve played shows with bands like Troubled Horse, Siena Root, Abramis Brama and King Dude in Sweden and was much appreciated at their two tours in England.

What ever you cling on to, will be destroyed by the force that is TORNET.

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Show 23.00
Djs: Smoke & Lightning
Fri entré!

Geronimo’s FGT
Stora Nygatan 5, 111 27 Stockholm

Gamla Stan

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