06/03/2017 Martina Myrsell

John Hoyles till Geronimo’s FGT!

JOHN HOYLES tar sitt nya album Night Flight och beger sig till huvudstaden för en konsert på Geronimo’s FGT torsdagen den 11 maj

John Hoyles (Spiders, Witchcraft and Troubled Horse) makes solo debut.

John Hoyles was born and bred in London, UK. He moved to Sweden in his early teens where he became the lead guitarist in the legendary doom metal band Witchcraft in the year 2000. Nine years later he founded the band Spiders, together with his friend Axel Sjöberg from Graveyard. Now the time has finally arrived for John Hoyles to release his debut solo album, Night Flight.

“I’ve seen it as a challenge for years to someday create my, completely own, solo album,” John explains. “I’ve had songs in my head for a long time that just didn’t fit either Spiders or Witchcraft and I felt I wanted to uncompromisingly record them myself.”

While John sings, plays guitar and bass on the album he called in friends Ricard Harryson and Axel Sjöberg to support him on the drums. The eight track long album clocks in at just under 22 minutes and includes the ‘70s British punk rock flavoured opener Talking About You, the psychedelic dreamy Night Flight, the acoustic guitar picking ballad In the Garden, and much more.

“I’ve been listening a lot to bands like The Damned, Dead Boys, Pink Fairies and stuff from Stiff Records. The latter, with its massive amount of great releases from the end of the ‘70s, has been a huge inspiration and, I think, has characterized this album both in terms of sound and songs. It’s the simple, straightforward rock that appeals to me and pretty much what I think this album will reflect.”

Night Flight is one of the most interesting rock releases of 2017. It is set to come out on February 24th and will be followed by a selection of European shows.

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