apr 18 2023


21:00 - 21:00

Hollow Ship – NYTT DATUM!

Pga sjukdom skjuter vi på konserten med Hollow Ship som skulle ägt rum 30/3 till den 18/4. Köpta biljetter gäller. Kan du inte komma det nya datumet, maila info@geronimosfgt.se

[SE] Svensk rock möter jazz möter kraut möter tysk psykedelia. Göteborgs-baserade Hollow Ship har ett drivande, fokuserat och helt eget sound. Med album-debuten Future Remains (utgiven av PNKSLM Recordings) befäster Hollow Ship en egen position i det svenska musiklivet. 2022 följdes debuten upp med ett Livealbum utgivet av bandet själva. Lyssna in er på ett av Sveriges bäst bevarade hemligheter.

Thomas E. Frank – gitarr, sång
Donovan von Martens – bas
Mårten Magnefors – trummor
Vincent Vensal – gitarr, sång

Biljetter: https://www.tickster.com/sv/events/m9zwd5gc5pybffk/2023-03-30/hollow-ship

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3bPcnmJ1Lk6fQlhxGV3Apx?si=Id56EoHdQ7G8WLo1NthgGg

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hollowshipmusic

[EN] Hollow Ship is a four-piece psychedelic rock band from Gothenburg. Their groovy music mixes sounds of early British psych with mindexpanding funky afro-rock. Sweet analogue sonics of the 60s are fused with modern technique creating their own distinctive sound.


When Gothenburg’s Hollow Ship decided on the name of their band, they were laying out their musical mission statement: the idea that their music itself is the hollow ship. It’s a blank canvas for genuinely futuristic musical ideas, to be transmitted through time and space to the listener on the other side – a symbol of something genuinely hard to grasp, without obvious definitions.

If that sounds like a grand declaration of ambition, it’s supposed to. A group drawn from different musical backgrounds and with divergent tastes, Hollow Ship have little interest in retreading old ground or taking their cues from a narrow clutch of influences. Instead, they’ve set out to make a record with little regard for convention, which explains how they’ve already gone, in the space of two years, from an improvisational psych-rock collaboration between frontman Thomas Frank and guitarist Vincent Vensal to a four-way forum for thrilling collisions of sonic ideas, with bassist Donovan von Martens and drummer Mårten Magnefors on drums rounding out the lineup. Whilst Magnefors’ grounding in jazz ensured that Hollow Ship’s sound was always going to involve stylistic breadth, it was the influence of a fifth musician, Daniel Johansson, that cemented the band’s unique style.

When the band turned up at Johansson’s Welfare Sounds studio for their first-ever session, armed with only four or five jams that had been worked out on stage, it was the producer who conjured up the idea of an unlikely marriage between old-school recording and modern-day production. “Daniel listened to the way we were playing, and wondered what it might sound like if he mixed a rock band like a hip hop act,” Frank recalls. “Instead of doing things traditionally, what would it sound like if we really brought the bass and the drums out, and had them much louder in the mix?”

The results feel truly groundbreaking. These are the sounds of the near future that the band were aiming for, a nine-track stylistic slalom conceived with Johansson at Welfare and sealed during a second session early last summer at Frank’s own studio, Ljudvalvet. Lead single ‘We Were Kings’ opens proceedings and sets the experimental tone, setting noodling psych-rock guitars on a collision course with an irresistibly danceable rhythm section. Elsewhere, ‘In the End’ pairs the groove-driven strut of Lonerism-era Tame Impala with flickers of spacey electronica, whilst ‘Magic Mountain’ imbues Frank’s classic rock touchpoints – Pink Floyd, King Crimson – with a fizzing jazz turn from Magnefors behind the kit. “Even though I write most of the songs, the music is a blend of everybody,” Frank explains. “We’re all drawing from different places. The key is to let everybody play what they feel.”

There’s also a clear conceptual side to Future Remains. That’s clear from the get go, with ‘We Were Kings’ littered with references to fallen empires and to the Greek tragedy of Icarus, and across the eight tracks that follow, it becomes clear that he’s not just looking to envisage what the future might sound like – he’s thinking about what it’s going to look like, as well. There’s grand-scale ideas about transience (‘Built to Last’) and generational change (the supremely danceable ‘We Came Too Late’), but a focus, too, on the importance of sanctuary in a close-future that looks likely to be at least as turbulent, if not more so, than our current reality (‘Stay Sane’).

“I think a lot about politics and the state of the world,” says Frank. “I’m an activist in my music, so these kind of themes make it into the songs. ‘Stay Sane’ is about the balance between wanting to run away from reality and trying to deal with it head on. Individualism is a big part of our society right now, and I know we need to get away from that somehow. Sweden has always been extreme in trying to keep up with trends.”

A lot of new bands take their time in finding their feet; working their way slowly to the sound they want to project, and figuring out what it is they want to say gradually, as they go along. Not this one, though – both sonically and thematically, Future Remains sees them storm out of the gate with a crystal-clear mission statement. Somewhere in the space behind a well-worn eight-track recorder and the polish of present-day production, Hollow Ship have lift off.

Dj: Cabezón

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