13/06/2018 Martina Myrsell


Yes! Dom är tillbaka på Geronimo’s! ENDLESS BOOGIE! Visst, dom lirade på Sture P för inte så länge sen men kan man få nog ens? Nej nej! Klart vi vill se dom en gång till!

Meet Endless Boogie, the best-kept secret in New York’s rock scene. They have the best name (taken from John Lee Hooker’s 1971 album), the best onstage vibe and the best head-nodding jams. In a sea of derivative and freshly outfitted young bands, Endless Boogie – with a combined age of 169 and members who count Canned Heat as one of their influences – doesn’t have a big agenda. They just want to rock with you, preferably all night long. ”We try boogie sometimes, but boogie’s hard,” says guitarist Jesper Eklow (aka The Governor) self-effacingly. ”Boogie takes skill and we haven’t honed those skills yet.” The band’s sound is a meltdown of metal, psychedelic and classic rock with a heavy dose of riffage, a kick-ass beat and super-cryptic lyrics. It’s thunderous and mellow at once. To put it another way, it goes well with beer.

Endless Boogie are:
Jesper Eklow (aka ”The Governor”) on guitar, Paul Major (aka ”Top Dollar”) on guitar and vocals, Mark Ohe (aka ”Memories from Reno”) on bass and Harry Druzd on drums.

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Show 22.00
Inträde 50 spänn


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