09/03/2017 Martina Myrsell


Minns ni hur trist det var när BANG ställde in sin konsert hos oss förra året? Nu har vi dock äntligen lyckats få till ett nytt datum! BANG till Geronimo’s FGT den 18 maj!

Often called America’s answer to Black Sabbath, one of the most unsung bands in the history of US hard rock music, BANG, is back! With the heaviness of Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, coupled with the groove of Grand Funk Railroad, BANG released three critically acclaimed albums on Capitol Records in the early 1970’s before disappearing for a number of years. Comprised now of founding guitarist/vocalist Frankie Gilcken, founding vocalist/bassist Frank Ferrara and drummer Jake Leger, Bang got back together early in 2014 to play shows, but the interest in the band has been building ever since Rise Above reissued their 1971 self-titled debut in 2004 along with the previously-unreleased concept record, Death of a Country. Across albums like 1973’s Bang Music and even into 2004’s The Maze, Bang’s penchant for melodies and heavy grooves makes them a standout among their peers, and with drummer Jake Leger, and the Franks, the band will remain a three piece, sounding just like the records! Bang stand ready to greet Europe for the first time and deliver a set of truly timeless and classic heavy rock and roll.

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Vi ses!


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