Geronimo's  FGT - This is our story

Music, margaritas & serious southwestern grub!

We’re in a long-distance relationship. That’s right, we – the brains behind this restaurant, are in a long-distance relationship with the magical world on the other side of the Atlantic – America. In particular a specific part of America – The Southwest.

We bet you can relate to those kinds of relationships. Unbearably long periods before you see each other, once you’re together everything is fantastic and when you’re separated again you cry yourself to sleep every night for at least a week. The rest of the time until you meet again is just an endless road…covered with snow! We couldn’t stand it! To survive the periods without America we decided to bundle everything we love about her at the same spot at home. A piece of the Southwestern States in the middle of Stockholm.

We love Mexican food, we love LA, we love Margarita, we love the desert, we love California, we love tequila, we love dive bars, we love the sun, we love music, we love Arizona, we love beer, we love cactuses, we love cilantro, we love New Mexico, we love the mountains, we love tacos, we love endless roads in the middle of nowhere, we love freedom! Geronimo’s FGT reflects everything we love.

This is for real. Fucking Good Times!

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Geronimo’s FGT
Stora Nygatan 5, 111 27 Stockholm

  Gamla Stan

Opening Hours 

TUE-THUR  /  17:00-01:00
FRI-SAT  /  17:00-02:00

SUN-MON  /  Closed

LUNCH HOURS FRI-SAT: 13:00-16:00

Opening Hours X-Mas & New Years 2018:

MON DEC 31 / 19.00-01.00


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